hey everyone so here is a locket widget app and yeah uh i'm just doing some videos around it so the one of the question is like can you can you add a profile picture to this app because here i can just go in my friends and i can see that you know some people have friends and then you just see your name so where is your name taken because like you just sign off is your phone so your name is basically taken from your contacts so like uh iphone contacts if you just go through here that's basically it's just synced from here i think um but like i was thinking maybe the profile picture from my phone contacts will also sync to this app but it doesn't happen so at the moment like your profile picture and locate widget is just your first two initials like ad atom or like andrew a so that's what it is there is no uh option to add a profile picture and to like you know [Music] have your profile in more like uh beautiful way or something like that so yeah and as you can see here here in the top right you just have like a standard profile avatar there is no way to add a profile picture as far as i know maybe in the future updates it will be possible but as for now it's not there

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