Can you add captions in Locket widget app?

here's look at widget app so can you add uh captions while you're taking the photo and then you know add some comment or little caption a little note to your photo so at this moment it is not possible uh developer team just answered there that they're working on this feature it's an interesting suggestion but for example here is locate widget app and if i just take the photo uh i can't there is no uh caption options there is no comment or not option so that's basically what it is um yeah so that's what it is at this moment hi thanks for idea we are working on updates to the app now it should have new features like this in the near future so this is like a standard response from our developer team there are a bunch of very interesting suggestions here in the reviews like people want to have timer people want to have more than 10 friends people want to add captions these are all popular requests but probably as it is like an indie hacker kind of like a small developer team it can't be released everything at at once so there is always some queue and i don't know what is coming next so just stay tuned and make sure to update your app

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