Can you add friends in Lemon8 app?

Have you recently downloaded the Lemon8 app and wondered if you could add friends on it? The answer is no, you cannot add friends on Lemon8.

In a video transcript, leaked online, a user bluntly asked this question - "can you add friends in Lemon8 app?" and was told by the respondent, "So I don't think it's possible." Although it may seem disappointing to some, the app has been designed solely for discovery purposes. Users can search for people, businesses, or creators they're interested in and follow their accounts.

However, Lemon8 operates in a similar way to other social media platforms such as Instagram, where users can follow each other without being friends. By following an account, you can stay up-to-date with their latest posts and updates. It is up to the individual account owners whether or not they want to follow you back.

Unfortunately, even if you follow an account on Lemon8, there's still no way to message them directly. This feature is yet to be built into Lemon8. However, with the rapid development of technology, we can only hope that it may be added in the future.

In conclusion, Lemon8 app does not allow users to add friends. Instead, it offers more features focused on discovering new people, businesses or creators to follow. With that said, Lemon8 offers a unique way of connecting and engaging with new people, and we look forward to seeing its growth in the coming years.

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