Can you add many people in noteit app? It is coming soon!

how to add many people to noted app so noted app was acquired by send it I think and now they have a lot new features and basically if you just open noted app now you can just see the tab here at friends and then you just add her there at friends and then you will give access to your contacts previously you could only invite one person like your partner but now I think you can also invite other people here um uh so yeah here uh that's basically it uh um so now you can also invite friends like this um so so yeah there you have it we know that the more friend the better this feature will be added very soon to so stay tuned so it's already in the works and uh yeah you just need to open the app and tap on on that link we just appeared but the feature is still yet not available so the link for me appeared just below get sanded button let's tap on it and maybe then you are on the White list or something like that

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