Can you add more than 1 FRIEND in NoteIt drawing widget?

hey everyone so i'm just exploring this viral app which is called noted drawing app where you can add widgets for each other notes and at the moment like can you add more friends in this noted app like is there an option for more friends uh and someone's writing a review i just wanted to say i really would enjoy this app more if there was an option to send notes to more than just one friend this like orange really ruins the app for me because i don't want to switch accounts just to talk to one person if the developers change this i definitely give it five stars um so there you have it so i'm talking about this app noted drums and here you can only just send note to to one friend so it's when you just create your account you have your code and you need to enter that code and then you will be able to to send this widget to to another person but for example in locket widget app there is possibility to send pictures to up to 10 friends here you can only send images to to one friend at a time so yep there you have it so hope that is helpful

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