Can you add Revolut under 18 card to Apple Pay?

Can you add the Revolut under 18 card to Apple Pay? This is a question that many parents and teenagers may have. The answer is yes, you can add the Revolut under 18 card to Apple Pay, but there are some steps that need to be followed.

First, it is important to understand that the Revolut 18 card is a separate card specifically designed for kids and teenagers under the age of 18. To obtain this card, you need to have two apps: the main Revolut app and the Revolut under 18 app.

The main app, which I am currently demonstrating, is where you can access your own Revolut account. However, to obtain the Revolut under 18 card, you will need to use the separate app designed for your child or teenager.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Revolut under 18 app, you can proceed to order the card. In the main app, navigate to your accounts and select the option to order the Revolut 18 card.

When ordering the card, you will go through a process similar to ordering a normal Revolut card. This includes setting a PIN code and other necessary details. Once the card is ordered and received, it can be added to your child's Apple Pay.

As a parent, you have control over the funds in your child's account. You can add money to their account, and they can only spend the amount allocated to them. They have the ability to request money from you, but they cannot add their own money to the account.

Additionally, the Revolut under 18 card allows you to set up a weekly allowance or other financial arrangements for your child. This feature provides a useful tool for teaching financial responsibility.

In conclusion, the Revolut under 18 card can be added to Apple Pay, allowing teenagers to make secure and convenient payments. This card, paired with the necessary apps, offers parents control and oversight over their child's spending. It is a helpful tool in teaching financial management from a young age.

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