Can you apply to Sora app beta testing program?

Can you apply to Sora AI beta tester program somehow? So I'm not sure. So this is our official community forum. It just says Sora is not yet a release product. It's not publicly available and there is not even a waitlist right now, and there is no expected release date. So that's just what you see right now. So yep, that's just what you have at the moment. And yep.

But of course on Reddit you can just do some research and on Twitter there is like a beta tester program where people are just beta testing it out. And some people claim that they can give you access to that program somehow. I don't know how legitimate that is. Here you can see that it's just people writing that it's actually not possible.

So here you can see a related. So you can see that there is. And you can see that any offer of such kind is likely to be a scam. So you just need to be careful. People are just messaging other people. You know, like people trying to message someone on LinkedIn, on Twitter, everywhere. So you just need to know there is no way to gain access to this model right now. So just beware.

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