Can you become a beta tester for SORA OPEN AI model?

Hey there, can you become a beta tester for Sora OpenAI model? So as you can see right now, it's just not possible at this moment. There is not even a waiting list. There is no expected release date and it's not publicly available. And you can see from OpenAI admins in their support forum that you can't become a beta tester right now. Maybe it was possible like before, but at this moment it's just not possible. And people offering you to do so on Twitter, subreddit, LinkedIn, they probably are just scammers. So just be careful. So that's just what it is. And yeah, so maybe they will just open up waiting list quite soon to that or something. Yeah, like there will be some updates coming, but nobody knows even like the date or when supposedly it should come out there. So that's just what it is.

Here is a brief summary of the key points from the video transcript:

  1. Becoming a beta tester for the SORA OPEN AI model is currently not possible.
  2. There is no waiting list, release date, or public availability for the beta testing.
  3. OpenAI administrators have confirmed that beta testing is unavailable at the moment.
  4. Beware of individuals on platforms like Twitter, subreddit, and LinkedIn claiming to offer beta testing opportunities, as they may be scammers.
  5. Updates may be forthcoming, but details regarding a release date or availability remain uncertain.

It's essential for individuals interested in beta testing the SORA OPEN AI model to exercise caution and stay informed through official channels for any potential developments in the future.

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