Can you BULK DELETE APPS on iPhone?

hello everyone so here I have a this uh setting and I just want so here are some apps and I want to remove uh bulk remove apps in on iPhone like do you know how to do it is it possible to do it actually uh um so yeah I'll just be super curious to to know like if it's possible um so yeah here you can just see it slot and it shows you what storage is occupied by photos by videos but also like if you'd like to use apps I I like um so yeah it's just loading the list of apps but then you just need to delete app by app like app by app and I'm just curious can you just you know like select like 20 biggest apps as you can see here and not going app by app like as I see here so see some apps and I just want to go here and then I just tap delete but then I just want to like you know bulk at it somewhere and then just delete all of these apps all together so it seems it's not possible to do it here maybe you need to I don't know to connect to iTunes on Mac or something like that to bulk delete apps easily and fast uh but yeah what do you think

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