Can you buy Bitcoin ETF BITO on Webull, eToro?

hello everyone so breaking news so probably there is a new bitcoin etf um which yeah so yeah we just tried in under bitr the first bitcoin futures etf officially makes its debut on october 19th um and it's uh from it's coming from brochures um also vincel was brothers uh participated in it so now the question is where can you buy it so i looked on the bull app and then you can just allow to be bull and then if you just start searching for beto yes you can buy it here so uh there you have it b-i-t-o and you can buy it on eball uh v-bull uh then i'm looking on etoro in that article that is told like then can you buy this etf on etoro so i'm just checking the app for you yeah so here is etoro searching here and i can't find it at the moment i don't know how exactly toro works um but i might be there is some premium subscription or something but it's not here so yeah it's not available on etoro seems at this moment so there you have it um yeah so just a quick overview

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