Can you change audience/ privacy for a specific Bonus BeReal?

B-Reel, a popular app among Snapchat users, has recently introduced the concept of Bonus B-Reels. But what happens when you want to change the audience or privacy settings for a specific Bonus B-Reel? Can you control it independently? Here's everything you need to know.

First things first, Bonus B-Reels are two additional B-Reels that users can add beside their original B-Reel. These Bonus B-Reels can be customized with different texts, filters, and audience settings.

When it comes to changing the audience only for a specific Bonus B-Reel, things get a bit more complicated. According to a recent video transcript, if you tap on a Bonus B-Reel, tap on three dots and want to change the audience, you'll see the following message: "the option to set your audience preference is only available on your first B-Reel of the day." This means that you can only control your audience by changing the original B-Reel, which is your first B-Reel.

If you change the audience on your first B-Reel, all your Bonus B-Reels will have the same audience. For instance, if you only change the audience setting to "My friends", your two additional Bonus B-Reels will have the same audience too. If you change to "Global", your Bonus B-Reels will become global as well.

This information is also reiterated in the B-Reel support center, which states that the audience settings you choose for your original B-Reel will also apply to your Bonus B-Reels. Therefore, if you update the audience of your B-Reel, the audience of your Bonus B-Reel will be updated as well.

In conclusion, while Bonus B-Reels offer a bit more flexibility in terms of content customization, users cannot control the audience settings of each Bonus B-Reel independently. Instead, the audience of all Bonus B-Reels will mirror the audience of the original B-Reel. Remember - the key is to set the audience preference correctly on your first B-Reel of the day.

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