Can you change phone number in Bolt app?

so here is bolt right sharon app and did you know that if you want to change your um phone number you just tap on edit and it's not possible to change it from the app for some reason so you just need to reach out to customer support like and then like account and data edit my account information and then just uh yeah chat with us and then you should be able to change the phone number from here so just submit your request and that should be able to do that why you need to have the updated phone number because for example if you if you created a polt account in one country but then you're using that account in another country and the driver is arriving and he doesn't know where you're located um then he just you know can can't call you because you have like other entries phone number and maybe his the driver doesn't want to call it because there are some like roaming chargers and stuff like that i don't know so yeah hope that is helpful

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