Can you change selfie in Umax app?

In the UMAX app, changing your selfie is only possible during the upload process. Once you have started a scan, it is not possible to change the photo anymore. Additionally, there is no option to delete your scan or make any modifications to the result.

If you wish to perform another scan with the UMAX app, you will need to wait for a week and use the app's pro subscription to avail another free scan. However, if you need to do another scan immediately, you will have to make a one-time purchase and pay again.

It's important to note that once you have completed the scan and pressed the button to generate the result, it is not possible to re-upload another photo, change the existing photo, delete the scan, or start a new scan. The process is considered final at that point.

It is understandable that these limitations may pose a challenge if you later decide to change your mind or make adjustments. This limitation can make the app expensive, particularly if you need frequent changes or modifications to your scans.

Overall, the UMAX app offers you the capability to take and upload selfies for scanning purposes. However, it is essential to review and confirm your choice before generating the scan, as alterations or replacements are not feasible after the process has begun.

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