Can you change Twitter/X app icon via Blue subscription?

Can you change Twitter/X app icon via Blue subscription?

For users of the Twitter/X app, one question that has been frequently asked is whether it is possible to change the app icon through a Blue subscription. In a video transcript discussing Twitter's Blue subscription, some interesting features were highlighted, but changing the app icon was not among them.

Twitter Blue offers various benefits to its subscribers, including the ability to rank approximately twice as many tweets, add bold and italic text to your tweets, post longer videos, and access new features earlier than non-subscribers. Additionally, Twitter Blue includes the added feature of being able to change your NFT profile picture. However, the ability to change the app icon is still not available.

This lack of flexibility with app icons can be disappointing for some users, especially considering that other platforms, such as Snapchat Plus, offer the option to change icons easily by subscribing to their premium plans. Snapchat Plus users can customize their app icons with different colors and views. Unfortunately, Twitter does not provide this feature, much to the chagrin of its users.

As a workaround, some users have suggested using alternate apps and employing an icon maker tool. By utilizing such apps, users can create a personalized Twitter icon separate from the app and install it as a replacement. Although this may not be as straightforward as simply changing the app icon through a subscription, it does offer a viable alternative for those who are particularly unhappy with the new Twitter/X icon.

In conclusion, while Twitter's Blue subscription offers many exciting features to enhance the user experience, the ability to change the Twitter/X app icon is still not available. This limitation has led some users to explore alternative options and employ icon maker tools to create custom icons. As Twitter continues to evolve, we can hope they consider adding this feature in the future to provide more customization options for their users.

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