Can you CHANGE USERNAME in NGL: anonymous q&a app?

How to change NGL username?

The only way to change username in NGL link app is to delete you account and create a new account with correct username.

There is no option to edit your account in NGL, however you can change your profile picture.

You can delete NGL account by tapping on gear icon in the top right, tap on Settings, tap on "Delete account".

Is NGL username tied to your Instagram username?

It is possible to have a different username than your Instagram account.

Username for ngl

I'm just going through some of the issues and reviews for NGL, not going to lie app, which is going viral. Basically, what to do if you have put wrong username. Here's some user asking, "I accidentally put in the wrong username and now I can't fix it."

I also was investigating this topic. Here's my account, so be very careful when you're creating your account because the thing you're doing, you're just adding your Instagram username there, which is tied to your Instagram account. Then there is no option to change your username here, so you can't do it.

It's not possible actually to log out and to add it to your account and anything like that. The only way to change your username, basically, is just delete your account and then recreate new account with the correct username in case you made that mistake. Just delete your account, create new account with the correct username, and then you can just use it again.

But of course, if you delete your account, you will lose access to your username and all questions. But in case you made a mistake with username, that's what it is. That shouldn't be an issue for you. That's I think the only option to change username.

Of course, you can try to reach out to them on Instagram, to their support team. But I don't think they're very... If you try to message them, I try to do that, it's just okay. Now it's possible because before it was just... If they follow you, you can message them. But there you have it. You can also ask in the support here. Maybe they will help you out.

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