Can you change username in push it app?

so can you change user name in push it app i just tap on my username in top part and i see that um yeah there is no option to change your username it is only possible to do when you first time tap it and then you will have like a red bar asking like do you want to confirm your username yes or no and then you can change it last time after that you won't be able to change it you can just create a new account so that's that so even if you didn't create an account or don't have access to push it app you can claim your username then when you have access and you logged in then you can also change it one last time but after that it's not possible it is only possible to edit your full name here like that so you can just change it many times but not your username username is at andrei like full name is andrey gore so that's basically it i hope that was helpful

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