hello everyone so i continue to go through some reviews in the locate widget app on the app store and one of the most requested features here is grouping so people wish that there would be different groups uh so like you can send your pictures to different friends uh so there is only one group uh so it says uh it sort of takes away the fun so yeah i don't think that uh you have grouping features at the moment um maybe the developer will see this video or something so yeah i don't even see like the group in feature because i need to add some friends here but that's that's about it so you don't have any grouping and also this app is only available on iphone and not on android not on the web so you can only add friends who are also using ios um so that is that basically um hope uh that is helpful um of course maybe it's not helpful but uh this is just like the suggestion for the developer or maybe you have some workarounds how you can use more groups

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