Can you delete specific prompts in ChatGPT?

hey there so can you delete specific prompts in chat GPT um so I'm just going through their help center and it says that no we are not able to delete specific forms from your history please don't share any sensitive information in your conversations so if you're chatting with the bot and then uh like you'd ask some prompt and then you want just to delete the specific prompt but keep your all other conversations available it won't be possible so just be careful it's it's a bit of a yeah um minus I would say because alternative is you can just delete your account completely um and that's it so you can just select the help button button right send us a message like account deletion and complete the workflow for account deletion but the thing the thing is this if you're just completely deleting all your data in your account it means that it's permanent and will remove data associated with your account so you won't be able to make an account again in the future so it's pretty inconvenient basically if you wrote some prompt you want to delete you will need to completely delete your full account then it's not restorable and it's the the whole thing so then probably you need to reach out to support it and figure out how to create a new account maybe with another email address I don't even know if that's possible so there are a lot of ifs and uh questions with this so just for now just be careful when you're writing some prompt uh sensitive prompt because it will be a complicated process to delete the specific piece of your data

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