Can you delete/unsend vibes in Lapse app?

In a recently surfaced video transcript, a question arises about whether it is possible to delete or unsend vibes in the Lapse app. The user wonders if they have the ability to undo the sending of a vibe or delete it altogether. However, it seems that, according to the transcript, this functionality is currently unavailable.

Upon sending a vibe, the transcript states that no option exists to take it back or remove it. Instead, a message appears indicating that the user is out of vibes for the day, and it will be approximately seven hours until the next vibe is available. This suggests that once a vibe is sent, there is no way to retract it or delete it.

Furthermore, it appears that the Lapse app allows users to identify who has sent them vibes in the past. However, if a vibe is sent by the user themselves, it cannot be unsent or deleted. This information serves as a cautionary reminder to users to be mindful of the vibes they send, as they may have lasting effects.

The transcript does not provide any information regarding potential plans to implement a delete or unsend feature for vibes in the future. Consequently, it remains uncertain whether this functionality will be added at a later date.

For users of the Lapse app, it is crucial to note that once a vibe is sent, it cannot be undone or deleted. The absence of an unsend feature may impact how users choose to interact within the app. While there is currently no way to take back a vibe, it remains to be seen whether the developers will introduce this feature in the future.

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