Can you delete your Character in Linky ai chat app?

Linky AI Chat app allows users to create and customize characters for their chat experience. However, a common query among users is whether it is possible to delete a character once it has been created. In a video transcript discussing this issue, the user explores the possibility of deleting a character within the Linky app.

The user begins by mentioning that they have created two characters and are seeking a way to delete one of them. They attempt to delete the character by tapping on the edit option and then opting to regenerate it. However, they discover that while it is possible to regenerate the character's image, it is not possible to delete the character entirely.

After exploring various options within the app, such as sharing the character's link or making it private, the user concludes that deleting a character is not a feature available in the Linky AI Chat app. The only recourse seems to be to regenerate the image of the character if changes are needed, as deleting the character entirely is not supported.

In essence, while users have the flexibility to customize their characters and chat experience within the Linky app, the ability to delete a character appears to be limited. The user suggests making characters private as a workaround if deleting them is not an option. Unfortunately, if a mistake is made in creating a character, the user may have to settle for making it private rather than deleting it entirely.

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