Can you delete your personal data in ChatGPT app?

can you delete your personal data from chat GPT this is quite a popular question of course if you're using chat GPD a lot and then you're covering some sensitive topics yeah you want to have an option to delete your personal data so here you can also written their privacy policy how they handle data and where your personal conversation data is being saved so yeah to delete your data you just need to delete your account and there are two ways so first you can just go to help open and then you can just tap help button send a message like this in the bottom right and then you can just go here send a message and then you here you have account deletion in the bottom right so tap on that and follow the the workflow if you want to your request will be submitted to us and you will receive a confirmation when the deletion has been completed please note it might take two weeks for your request to be completed or like very straightforward way just send an email to deletion from the email whose information you'd like to be deleted so if you signed up with some Google email just send deletion request from that email in the subject line include account deletion requests in the body of the email include please delete my account but submitting requests to this email cannot be canceled only email if you're certain you'd like your account to be deleted then if you do that then your account is gone and it's non-recoverable so just be careful when you're doing that but yeah these are the ways to delete your personal data from Judge upd

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