Can you disable Duolingo app icon updates?

Hey there, can you disable Duolingo from changing their app icons? So here is Duolingo app and like they have this prank where they quite often change their app icons due to some like holidays, for example, for April Fool's or for Halloween. And they don't ask you and they just change this app icon. So that's just what happens.

Some people are quite annoyed by it. So the question is like, can you just go and disable this thing that it changes app icon? So as I understand, no, it's kind of not possible because that's just what they do as an app. And then this new app icon is included with a new Duolingo update.

Of course, what you can do, you can just disable Duolingo app updates. If you do that, your app updates just disabled. And then the icon won't update. But then of course, you maybe you can miss some technical glitches and bugs. So that's one thing. And yep, so there you have it. But yeah, so in a nutshell, you can disable that. These apps, this is just part of their marketing. Sometimes they change these app icons. So that's just what's happening.

Well, what you can do, you can just wait and in a few weeks it will just go away. Or you can just have like a shortcuts app and then just create a new workflow here and it will open up an app with your own custom icon.

  • To disable Duolingo app icon updates, you can explore the following options:
  1. Disable Duolingo app updates, which will prevent the app icon from changing with new updates.
  2. Use a shortcuts app to create a new workflow that opens the app with your desired custom icon.

Considering these options will help you manage the appearance of your Duolingo app icon more to your preference.

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