Can you disable ultra wide lens in BeReal app?

can you disable Ultra wide lands on burial IOS app or in other words like can you turn off zero five focus on burial so this is like a new feature uh zero five zoom on on iOS um it's become pretty popular uh photos from this looking like a panorama selfies um but like on the real app it causes some troubles and a lot of users just asking if you can turn off the feature that zero five Zoom to be default do not be real and I just was just browsing like number of Reddit threads trying to solve these issules on my blog Mr like it's not possible to solve it at the moment it just says the only thing you can do is to frame the front camera and sit still then swap the rear camera while sitting still and doom it's pretty dumb so uh like yeah a lot of people having exact the same issue probably we just need to wait for be real to release this feature or something like that or I don't know if you have found the solution to this like very annoying issue just leave some comments below

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