Can you do a Mint import in Rocket Money app?

RocketMoney app is one of the top alternatives to the now-shut-down In a recent video transcript, one user wonders if it is possible to do a Mint import in this app.

At first glance, the RocketMoney app does have a noticeable "mint import" button at the bottom. However, it turns out that this button is purely a notification and does not actually perform any import function. The transcript explains that users can import their transactions after completing the onboarding process.

To start using the RocketMoney app, users need to create an account using their email and a password. After that, they will be prompted to add their check-in account, which is a required step. Once these prerequisites are complete, users can proceed with the Mint import.

Considering the popularity of RocketMoney as an alternative to, this functionality is highly sought after by users who are transitioning from the now-defunct platform. Alongside RocketMoney, Intuit Credit Karma is also mentioned as a popular app for individuals searching for an alternative to

As RocketMoney aims to provide a similar user experience and financial management capabilities as, it is reasonable to expect that they have considered the import feature to accommodate users' transaction history from previous platforms. Users can be hopeful that onboarding and setting up their check-in account will unlock the desired Mint import feature.

With the demand for reliable money management software on the rise, RocketMoney and other similar alternatives are working towards establishing themselves as trustworthy and feature-rich options for individuals seeking financial organization and assistance.

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