Can you do IRIS VERIFICATION WITHOUT ORB in Worldcoin app?

The Worldcoin app has been gaining popularity lately due to its growing price, prompting many users to consider claiming and withdrawing their funds while the value is high. However, a key requirement for verifying your identity within the app is the use of an Orb device for iris verification.

According to a recent video transcript, there doesn't appear to be a viable alternative to the Orb device for iris verification at the moment. Users have been exploring various options, some of which are not recommended or might not be reliable. Here are some of the current considerations:

  • Travel to the nearest Orb verification location, which may incur additional costs.
  • Request assistance from someone residing in a location with an Orb device, but this carries risks of potential scams and account verification limitations.
  • Consider asking a trusted individual, such as a relative, who doesn't have a World ID account to assist with the verification process, although this could come with account suspension concerns.

Additionally, the Worldcoin app has faced challenges in expanding Orb verification locations due to legal complexities surrounding biometric data in certain countries. Despite promises to open more Orb centers, progress has been slow.

As users navigate the limitations of iris verification without an Orb device, patience and caution are advised. Waiting for the possible expansion of Orb locations or exploring alternative solutions within the app's guidelines may present the best course of action for now.

These developments underscore the importance of understanding the intricacies of biometric verification in the digital age and the regulatory hurdles that can impact its implementation across global platforms.

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