Can you earn FREE GEMS in Widgetable app?

Hey there, can you earn gems in Vegetable apps or can you get them for free, basically? Unfortunately, it's not the case. Like, you know, in other apps, it's possible to get some free coins or free gems by watching ads or, you know, doing some simple tasks or sometimes by inviting friends. For example, if you invite, like, five friends or one friend, you get, like, 20 gems or something. Like, in this app, it's not the case. It's not possible to do it, unfortunately. So, yeah, you can just go and see it here.

The only option is that you can get plant or pet packages for free if you're watching some ads. So, you can just do that.

Here is a summary of how you can earn free gems in the Widgetable app:

  • Watching ads to get plant or pet packages for free.

So, yep, there you have it.

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