Can you earn money in Talkie Soulful AI app?

Can you earn money in Talkie Soulful AI app?

If you've ever wondered whether you can make money using the Toki AI app, we have some answers for you. According to their FAQ section, if you use the User Generated Content (UGC) tools provided by the app to create AI or related derivative content, such as AI cards, you have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated from the copyright of that content.

Here are the specific rules:

  1. Ownership of copyright: To earn revenue, you must own the copyright of the content you create. As an author, you must complete the content creation process independently and possess the legal copyright for the content.
  2. User payment or transactions: You can earn income when other users pay for the AI or the content you created. If the card associated with the AI generates a successful transaction, you will receive a certain percentage of the revenue.
  3. Sharing ratio and service agreement: The exact sharing ratio will be indicated separately in the content creator copyright rules within the service agreement. This agreement may also require or demand compensations.
  4. Recovery of revenue share: In the event that you later discover that the content you submitted is not entirely original or copyrighted by you, the app reserves the right to recover the distributed revenue share.

This new direction offers an intriguing opportunity to earn revenue by creating AI chatbots. If you're getting a lot of interactions and users find value in your bot, it can become a potential source of income. It's definitely worth considering.

In the Talkie app, even with a free account, you can create numerous Talkies and set them as public. This allows you to gauge the response and popularity of your chatbots. While there may not be extensive customization options available, it still provides a platform for you to explore your creativity.

Furthermore, you can also create exclusive cards specifically designed for your chatbot, enhancing the user experience and potentially increasing its appeal.

In conclusion, the Talkie Soulful AI app provides an opportunity for users to monetize their AI creations. By following the guidelines and rules outlined by the app, you can potentially earn revenue and turn your passion for AI into a source of income. Give it a try and see where it takes you!

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