Can you edit or delete your AI model in Fotorama app?

In the world of photo editing apps, one name that has gained attention is the Fotorama app. This app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your photos and provide various styling options based on your uploaded selfies. However, a common question that arises among users is whether they can edit or delete their AI model within the app. Let's delve into this matter and find out.

The Fotorama app allows users to upload 8 to 12 selfies as a basis for creating their AI model. Once the model is generated, users can then experiment with different styles and filters, and the app applies them to their photos accordingly. But what happens if you realize that your initial selfies weren't up to the mark and the results are far from satisfactory?

Unfortunately, the Fotorama app lacks the option to edit or delete your AI model within the app itself. This means that if you want to refine your model by adding more selfies or making any modifications, you will have to take a different route. To re-upload your selfies, you will need to delete your account in Photorama and start afresh by creating a new model. The exact process of whether you need to resubscribe after account deletion is unclear.

One can't help but feel a little disappointed with this limitation. It would certainly be more convenient if users could make adjustments or delete their AI model directly within the app. However, it seems that for now, this is the only way to make any changes to your AI model in the Fotorama app.

In conclusion, the Fotorama app offers an innovative approach to photo editing by utilizing AI technology. While it provides a wide range of styles and filters to enhance your photos, it falls short when it comes to editing or deleting your AI model. For those who are dissatisfied with their model and wish to make changes, the only option is to delete their account and start the modeling process anew. Hopefully, in the future, the app developers will consider adding features that allow users more flexibility in editing their models.

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