Can you enable dark mode in Instagram Threads app?

So can you enable dark mode on Instagram Threads? Unfortunately, as of now, it seems that enabling dark mode is not possible. The app's menu offers a variety of settings, but there is no option for dark mode at this time. It is worth noting that Instagram Threads was released in a hurry and is currently in its initial version. As a result, the app only includes essential features, and additional functionalities will likely be introduced in the future.

In addition to the absence of dark mode, Instagram Threads also lacks a follower feed where you can view updates from the accounts you follow. Despite these limitations, following Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, is a recommended way to stay informed about product updates. When dark mode becomes available on Instagram Threads, it is likely that he will be the first to announce it.

For now, we have to accept that enabling dark mode on Instagram Threads is not feasible. However, with future updates, it is very possible that this highly sought-after feature will eventually be introduced to the application. Let's keep an eye out for further developments and remain hopeful for a dark mode option in Instagram Threads.

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