Can you get diamonds for free in Widgetable app?

The popular Widgetable app has garnered attention recently with users wondering if it is possible to acquire diamonds within the app without having to pay for them. In a recent video transcript, the question "Can you get diamonds for free in Widgetable app?" is addressed.

The transcript reveals that currently, there is no direct method within the app to obtain diamonds for free. Here's how the process unfolds as explained in the video:

  • Open Widgetable app.
  • Go to the shop within the app.
  • In the shop, navigate to the diamonds tab.
  • Purchase diamonds starting from packages such as 10 diamonds for one dollar, 20 diamonds for two dollars, and so on by tapping the plus icon in the top left corner.

The video further mentions that while there isn't a formal reward program or referral system in place to earn free diamonds at present, users can still collect diamonds through alternative methods. These include:

  • Watching ads to obtain certain diamond packages for free.
  • Logging into the app daily to receive free diamond rewards.

Moreover, users have the option to enable notifications within the app, which may notify them of opportunities to acquire diamonds without making a purchase.

Despite these options for earning diamonds without direct payment, the transcript underscores that the primary way to obtain diamonds in Widgetable app remains through in-app purchases.

The creator of the video also pledges to keep viewers informed about any future updates to the app that may introduce avenues for obtaining diamonds at no cost. This transparency aims to provide users with the latest information regarding potential opportunities to access diamonds for free within Widgetable app.

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