Can you get gems for free in Widgetable app?

Can you get gems for free in Vegetable app? So if you just go to Vegetable, yep just unfortunately you can't do it right now. If you just go to the shop and go to the gems they don't have any like bonus diamonds where you can just watch and add and get diamonds. I mean they don't have any free diamonds or gems. They have some bonuses where you can get them cheaper but the work around this is that if you need to spend these diamonds on pet packages sometimes these pet packages you can get them for free just by watching ads or plant packages so at least you don't need to spend diamonds on that and like I was just reaching out and trying to figure out whether you can earn some diamonds here by referring friends or you know sometimes there are some reward programs if you go in some other apps and invite like three friends you can get like ten gems for example. It's not the case here I don't know why I don't do it but it's not the case in Vegetable and you also you can't earn gems here as well in some other apps you can get like free diamonds and gems by watching ads or doing some tasks it's not possible here so this app is quite slow in that case and it's just not available maybe they will change it in future I mean Vegetable app is like very fast developing app so maybe they will add it up.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot get free gems in the Vegetable app at the moment.
  • The app does not offer bonus diamonds that can be obtained by watching ads or completing tasks.
  • While there are discounts available for purchasing gems, free gems are not offered in the app.
  • The app does provide the option to earn free pet or plant packages by watching ads, which can be a way to obtain items without spending diamonds.
  • Unlike some other apps, Vegetable app does not have referral programs or reward systems in place for earning free gems.
  • The lack of opportunities to earn free gems within the app may make it slower in terms of progression compared to other apps.
  • It is possible that the Vegetable app may introduce ways to earn free gems in the future as it continues to develop and grow.
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