Can you get HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES in DREAM by Wombo app?

i'm just going here towards dreamwombo have some feedback and there are like a lot of users for trying this app and there are a lot of requests so one of the popular requests is um to offer a high resolution version of the particular image because at this moment the developer image has has a resolution of only about 1920 on 1080 pixels including the border and text so that's probably not enough for a lot of images so are you planning to offer a purchase option where you can download a high resolution version of particular image for 99 cents and there is some response from the developers there is some stuff cooking behind the scenes regarding high resolutions and different aspect ratios many other cool projects as well stay tuned so that's basically the idea um yep so it's not possible at this moment at this moment this is the maximum resolution you can get but seems like as developers reply there is some stuff cooking and probably in one of the next updates it should be released so make sure to update dream vombo app frequently

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