Can you get more than 5000 messages per day in Chai app?

so now when you open chai app they again updated their free messages limits and now you can get up to 5 000 free messages per day for free in chai app but the hook is that so you can send 70 messages and then you need to to wait just 20 minutes so not one hour but just 20 minutes meaning that you can send like 210 messages for free per hour in chai app and like if you multiply 210 by 24 hours it's like 5040 messages or something like that so more than 5 000 free messages you can get so it's almost unlimited but the trick is that it's still quite annoying if you're in the active chat with this ai bot uh it's still you you need to uh you need to wait 20 minutes so 70 messages you need to wait 20 and then you need to write so it's just then easier to still upgrade to premium and premium is 13 13.99 per month or 323 per week but you need to to upgrade to monthly steel so that's basically that

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