Can you have multiple Worldcoin accounts?

Hey there, can you have multiple WorldCoin accounts? I'm not sure. I would actually, I do not advise you to do that because very often if you try to do some shady stuff is WorldCoin app, you know, like trying to log in back up from different phones, trying someone else, you know, to verify you with the orb.

People on Reddit write that sometimes there can be your account can be suspended or like withdrawing can be blocked or claiming WorldCoin can be blocked. So this kind of stuff can really influence the, you know, that, yeah, you just can't do much with your WorldCoin app after that.

So and this app has really slow support. So if your account is being suspended or paused, then it's really hard to get it back. People are writing like 10 support tickets and nothing's helping. And also the app can be quite buggy. So I wouldn't advise, you know, to try, you know, to experiment with this.

If you already reserved like 10 grand, like, you know if you already have like 50 WorldCoins, like a few hundred bucks, of course you can just try it out. But it just depends, yeah, that it's quite risky and the app is in kind of beta state. So some issues are like still quite glitchy and some things not working support is really low functional. So if your app is getting blocked after that, it can be quite hard to get it back. You can just read it on their official subreddit. There are multiple stories. So that's just what it is right now.

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