here is burial app and if you posted a photo you can just see um and tap on three dots you can see this field which is called retake your take means that uh like how many times did you like you know cancel post Imperial and post another photo like how many times you tap like discarded the camera and try it again it's not how many times you deleted your burial just how many tries you have to take the final photo and people just curious like can you hide this field and can you hide your text and be real so I don't know if it's possible you can only yeah you can only see here remove from this car or delete you'll be real but not possible to hide your attacks and still you can only see your attacks if you have 10 or more friends so not a lot of users will be able to do that I only have six strands at the moment and so that's that's why I can't see your text even from my photo and for other users as well but yeah it's a bit annoying that yeah people can actually see how many times you did a retake if you have any solution or uh suggestion how are you doing it just leave it in the comments below I'm just curious to know

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