How to hide retakes on BeReal?

In case you are looking for how to remove retakes on bereal, after recent update BeReal doesn't show retakes anymore. So, you don't need to hide them - they are already gone.

However, BeReal app develops quickly and there are many changes with every new update - we don't know what will happen to ReTake feature in the future.

Before this update, it was only possible to see retakes from your friend feed after you had more than 10 friends. So, even then retakes weren't visible to everyone automatically.

What are retakes in BeReal?

For people new to BeReal, retakes is how many time you took a photo before finally posting it on BeReal. For example, you took a photo in BeReal, didn't like it, tapped on cancel and took it again - that is 1 retake.

For many users it was a bit annoying that people can actually see how many times you did a retake. But, after a recent update you can't see retakes anymore in BeReal.

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