Can you install SUSH widget on Android?

If you're a fan of digital pets, you might have heard of the SUSH app before. It has become quite popular among users, allowing them to raise and take care of digital pets with their friends. One feature that sets it apart from other digital pet apps is the SUSH widget that you can install on your home screen.

But, can you install the SUSH widget on an Android device?

Well, the answer is not so straightforward. In a video transcript, a user explained that while the SUSH widget can be easily installed on iOS devices, they are not entirely sure if it works the same way on Android devices.

Android users are not left out, however. Home screen widgets have been available on Android devices for quite some time, even before they were introduced on iOS devices. This means that you can indeed install home screen widgets on Android phones and tablets.

However, as the SUSH widget is a specific widget created for the SUSH app, it might not be as straightforward to install it on your Android device.

If you have any experience with installing the SUSH widget on an Android device, the content creator in the video asks that you kindly share your experience in the comments section. Helping out other viewers and subscribers with your knowledge could be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, Android users can still enjoy the SUSH app without the widget, as the app has a lot of features to keep your digital pets happy and entertained.

In conclusion, while it might not be entirely clear if the SUSH widget can be installed on Android devices, there are still other options available for Android users who want to enjoy the app. If you have any experience or knowledge about installing the SUSH widget on an Android device, be sure to leave a comment below and help out other viewers.

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