Can you just buy Worldcoin Orb on Amazon?

Can you just buy Worldcoin Orb on Amazon? This is a question that many of my viewers on my YouTube channel have been asking. The answer is no, unfortunately. You cannot simply purchase a Worldcoin Orb on Amazon or any other online platform. Let me explain why.

To verify a transaction using the Worldcoin Orb, you need to have the physical device in your possession. The process involves generating a QR code and then using the Orb to verify the code with your biometrics. It is a highly secure and complicated process that cannot be done without the physical Orb.

Furthermore, Worldcoin Orbs are not widely available. They are currently only available in a few countries, with limited locations in the United States. This means that if you want to get an Orb, you will need to travel specifically to one of these locations.

Even if you do manage to reach one of these locations, you can't simply purchase an Orb. Instead, you need to apply to become an Orb operator. This involves going through an application and interview process, where you will need to demonstrate your understanding of the existing infrastructure that Worldcoin leverages and how you can contribute to its success.

Once you are approved as an Orb operator, you will receive a Worldcoin Orb and can start operating it. It is unclear whether you can make revenue directly from operating the Orb, but having more people involved in the process would certainly be beneficial.

So, to sum it up, buying a Worldcoin Orb on Amazon or any other online marketplace is not possible. If you are interested in becoming an Orb operator, you will need to apply and go through the interview process. It is a complex and selective process, but it ensures the security and integrity of the Worldcoin network.

I hope this clarifies the question for those who were wondering about purchasing Worldcoin Orbs on Amazon.

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