Can you make Lapse account private?

Can you make your Lapse account private?

In a recent video transcript, a user questions whether it's possible to make their Lapse account private. The individual explores the settings of their Lapse account and finds limited options available. They discover that the only account-related action they can take is to delete their account. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an option to hide the account or make it private.

However, there are certain measures you can take to enhance your privacy. By visiting the FAQ section of the app and clicking on your profile, you can edit your age and star sign settings. Even if you choose to hide your age, it's important to note that it will still be visible to you, but not to other users. This provides a partial solution to maintaining your privacy on Lapse.

According to Lapse's guidelines, all accounts are set to private by default. This means that the photos and videos you share on the platform are only viewable by your approved friends. The only information that non-friends can see is your profile photo and the information you have selected to display about yourself.

If you want to further enhance your privacy, it is possible to make individual albums private. By tapping on the three dots icon and selecting the "Make Private" option, you can restrict access to specific albums. This ensures that only you will be able to view those albums. Additionally, you have the option to make your star sign and age private, providing an extra layer of privacy.

However, it's important to note that certain elements of your profile, such as your profile photo and select photos, will still be visible to your friends. At present, it is not possible to make your profile photo completely private or hide these select photos.

In conclusion, while Lapse does not offer a full account privacy feature, users can still take advantage of various settings to protect their information. By selectively making albums private and adjusting age and star sign display settings, individuals can have better control over their privacy on the platform.

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