Can you make Locket videos with Audio?

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if it's possible to create Locket videos with audio? Well, the answer is no. Unfortunately, when using the Locket widget to send videos, there is no audio included.

To clarify this for you, let's take a closer look at the recent update. While it now allows you to make videos using Locket, there is still one limitation – audio is not recorded. So, even if you try to record something while making a video, you will notice that there is no sound captured.

It's important to keep this in mind, especially if you intend to send a video message. Without audio, your message may not convey the intended meaning or emotion. If audio is crucial to your communication, it may be better to consider using alternative formats, such as a GIF.

Despite the lack of audio in Locket videos, the feature can still be useful in certain scenarios. If you don't rely heavily on audio and prefer to communicate solely through visuals, Locket can serve as a convenient tool for sharing short videos.

In conclusion, while Locket videos are a great way to convey messages visually, it's worth noting that audio is not supported. If you need sound to accompany your videos, you may need to explore other options. As technology progresses, we can hope for future updates that will incorporate audio into Locket videos, providing an even richer user experience.

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