Can you make money with ABPV app? Is it legit?

So, can you make some money with ABP app? This app is going viral on social media, like on TikTok, and I'm just trying to figure out how legit is this app.

So, like, should you as a content creator dedicate some energy to this app? So, basically, for people who don't know, this app is basically like a TikTok just for memes. Yeah, so you just open up the app and you just see a lot of memes out there, so a lot of pictures and a lot of ads, and then, yeah, just videos and photos, all kinds of featured memes, new memes, all of that.

But the thing is, like, so some people post on TikTok that you can actually earn some revenue from this app. I don't see any sponsorship button here, like, I would say, like, on TikTok, or unless you want to send, like, some super thanks.

So, for example, this is my just picture, and then can I just go there and then, you know, if I see someone liked my picture or my meme, there is no way they can PayPal me or send me some money in this app. There is no way they can send coins or something like that. So, I'm not sure that this app also has some monetization features enabled, similar to YouTube.

But the thing is, because this app wants to get in the top charts in the App Store, seems they're just doing some giveaways. So, what they're doing, if you're posting a lot, and if you're getting a lot of attention for your memes, like, you can see here, there are users which are already getting tens of thousands of followers, and some of their memes are getting, like, 40,000, 30,000 likes per week.

So, that's, of course, that's nothing compared to TikTok or YouTube, but it's a good niche, and if you're among these people, you might participate in giveaways, and you might win something like an iPhone or, you know, some other tools, some AirPods or stuff like that, if you're one of the top users and you're regularly posting memes.

But I'm just not completely sure if that's exactly true. I was just seeing that in one of their commercials. I think it's mostly just people trying to gross hack their way to the top of the App Store, and they just maybe did some few giveaways and ran a few ads on Facebook around that, but I'm not completely sure yet if it can be legit, and if you should dedicate a lot of time to this app.

So, that's what it is. Like, this is the app, but you can try. Why not? It's like a niche meme app. You can give it a try and post some different things here and there.

Again, that's about these giveaways, that's just what I've seen from their ads on Facebook, that if you're among some of the top users on this app, I mean, if you're posting a lot of good memes and getting some likes, you might be opted in for some random giveaways here and there, but that's basically the whole monetization, as I understand.

The thing is also that, well, if you already have, like, 50,000 followers on this app, you can monetize it with traditional ways. You can charge for advertisement, just create some sponsorship ads or sponsorship memes. If you're getting 50,000 likes per week, it's not that much yet, but it may be valuable for some brands that want to expand into the meme category.

But that's a lot of manual work and all of that. On the other hand, if this app is going to take off and attract a lot of users and likes, then basically, yeah, it's a good time to start and you can really maybe make some money with sponsorships and all of that.

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