Can you message in ten ten app?

In the 1010 app, messaging functionalities are limited to audio chats. If you're wondering whether you can send messages to someone in the 1010 app, the answer is no. When you tap on a profile, you have the option to engage in audio conversations. However, sending text messages, images, or other media is not supported within the app.

Key points to note about messaging in the 1010 app:

  • Only audio chats are available.
  • Text messages cannot be sent through the app.
  • Sending images or other media files is not possible in the app.

While the app provides a platform for audio conversations, it does not support traditional text-based messaging features. This limitation may impact how users communicate within the app. It's important for users to be aware of these constraints when using the 1010 app for communication purposes.

In conclusion, messaging in the 1010 app is limited to audio chats, and users should not expect to send text messages or media files through the platform. Understanding these limitations can help users manage their communication expectations while utilizing the app for connecting with others.

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