Can you pin MANY BEST FRIENDS in SnapChat Plus?

Snapchat Plus, the popular social media app, has added a new feature that allows users to pin many best friends. This feature called Extended Best Friends List enables users to select multiple best friends from their friend list and pin them. To do this, users simply need to tap and hold on their friend's name and select the option to pin them as a best friend.

Previously, Snapchat only allowed users to have one best friend. With the introduction of this new feature, users can now have up to two best friends. This gives users the ability to manage their best friends list and have different individuals in this special category.

Once pinned as a best friend, these selected individuals will appear prominently in the user's best friends list. This provides an easy way for users to quickly access and engage with their closest friends on Snapchat.

Although the concept of having multiple best friends is exciting, there seem to be some issues with the functionality. Some users have reported that adding best friends from certain menus may cause bugs or not work correctly. However, users have found success when adding and managing best friends from the main menu.

Overall, the addition of the Extended Best Friends List feature in Snapchat Plus offers users the ability to expand their best friends category. While there may be some technical glitches to iron out, this feature provides a convenient way to prioritize and stay connected with multiple close friends on the platform.

In conclusion, Snapchat Plus users now have the option to pin many best friends in their account. With this new feature, users can select up to two best friends and easily manage them using the Extended Best Friends List. Although there might be some minor issues with the functionality, the ability to have multiple best friends enhances the user experience and strengthens connections within the Snapchat community.

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