Can you post a BeReal after deleting twice?

If you're someone who loves to post b-rolls on social media platforms like Instagram, you might have run into a problem of not being able to post more b-rolls. This happens when you delete your b-roll twice within 24 hours.

The big question is, can you post a b-roll after deleting it twice? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Instagram will temporarily block you from posting any more b-rolls. You'll see a notification saying "you can't post any more for now - you have already deleted your b-roll twice. Wait for the next notification to post again."

So, what can you do if you want to take more b-roll and post it on Instagram? As per the information available, there isn't currently a way to post original b-roll twice and more if you deleted it twice. However, there is a way to post bonus b-rolls multiple times.

If you post your original b-roll on time, Instagram offers bonus b-rolls for you to use. You can delete these bonus b-rolls and repost them as many times as you want without being blocked. Bonus b-rolls are essentially extra b-rolls that Instagram offers for users who post their original b-roll on time. Keep in mind that the bonus b-rolls have a limited time frame and will expire.

To summarize, if you happen to delete your original b-roll twice, it's best to wait for the notification from Instagram to post again. If you want to post more b-rolls, try using the bonus b-rolls offered by Instagram after posting your original b-roll on time.

In conclusion, knowing the tips and tricks for posting b-rolls on Instagram can help you avoid any blockage or inconvenience. Keep exploring and experimenting with new ways to post and share your content to make the most of your social media interactions.

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