Can you raise one Sush with multiple people in SUSH app?

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One of the challenges of using the SUSH app, a popular social game that lets you raise a virtual sushi together with your friends, is coordinating tasks and deadlines with your teammates. As you may already know, by default the app allows you to have two friends raising one sushi, so that you can divide the daily tasks, such as feeding, cleaning, and decorating the sushi, among the three of you. However, what if you want to involve more people in the process? Can you raise one sushi with like three or five friends?

According to a recent video by a SUSH player, the answer is currently no. While the app allows you to invite more friends to join your SUSH group, only two of them can actively participate in the daily tasks, while the others are relegated to a spectator mode, where they can only see the progress of the sushi and interact with it with limited actions. This limitation can make it difficult for the main raisers to keep up with the work, especially if they have busy schedules or different time zones.

However, the video maker suggests that allowing more than two raisers per sushi could be a useful feature for the app, as it would distribute the workload more evenly and increase the sense of community among the players. If three or four people can take care of one sushi together, they can reduce the risk of missing a task or letting the sushi become unhealthy or unhappy. Moreover, they can share tips, ideas, and feedback about the best ways to raise a sushi, as well as learn from each other's mistakes and successes.

The video also shows some possible ways in which the app could implement multi-raiser sushi mode. For example, it could introduce different levels of roles, such as lead raiser, assistant raiser, and backup raiser, each with different privileges and responsibilities. It could also introduce a voting system, where raisers can collectively decide on the next steps for the sushi, such as changing its name, giving it a new accessory, or sending it as a gift to another player. Another idea is to introduce more customizable features for the sushi, such as different colors, patterns, and expressions, that can be unlocked by completing group challenges or events.

While it's unclear whether the developers of SUSH have plans to introduce multi-raiser sushi mode in the near future, the suggestion of the video maker has sparked some conversation among SUSH players and fans. Some argue that the app should focus on fixing the existing bugs and glitches before adding new features, while others think that a more social and collaborative approach to sushi-raising would make the game more engaging and enjoyable.

In conclusion, can you raise one sushi with multiple people in SUSH app? Not yet, but it's an interesting idea that could enhance the gameplay and community of the app. If you want to explore more tips and tricks for raising a sushi, or connect with other SUSH players, you can join the official SUSH social media accounts, forums, and groups. Who knows, maybe you could be the one to lead the charge for multi-raiser sushi mode in the future!

  • Pros of multi-raiser sushi mode:
  • Distribute the workload more evenly
  • Increase the sense of community
  • Share tips, ideas, and feedback
  • Possible ways to implement multi-raiser sushi mode:
  • Different levels of roles
  • Voting system
  • More customizable features for the sushi
  • Cons of multi-raiser sushi mode:
  • Requires more coordination and communication among the raisers
  • May lead to conflicts or disagreements if not managed well
  • Could make the app more complex or confusing for some users.
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