Can you read chats with your bots in Talkie app?

Can you read chats with your bots in Talkie app?

So, you've created a bot in the Talkie app, and now you're wondering if you can read the chats with the people who have interacted with it. Unfortunately, it seems that this feature is not currently available. While you can view the number of followers and connectors - those who have connected with and followed the bot - reading the actual chats is not possible.

It's worth noting that this limitation seems to extend beyond just Talkie as well. It appears to be the case with other similar apps as well. In fact, there was a time when reading chats with bots was possible in the ChaiApp, but even there, it has been blocked now.

This restriction may be due to privacy concerns or simply a design choice made by the app developers. As bots become more prevalent in messaging apps, it's important to strike a balance between functionality and user privacy. While it can be frustrating not being able to read the chats, it also ensures that the conversations remain private and secure for the users.

In conclusion, if you were hoping to read chats with your bots in the Talkie app, it's unfortunate to inform you that it's not currently possible. However, this limitation seems to be common across other similar apps as well. Privacy and security appear to be the driving factors behind this decision.

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