If you've been using the popular photo-sharing app, Locket, you might have wondered if it's possible to remove a caption from your snaps. Fortunately, the answer is yes - but with a catch.

By default, Locket prompts you to add a message or a caption if you swipe right on a particular image. This means that every time you post a snap, it will be attached with a caption, which you might not always want.

So, how do you remove the caption? Well, it's actually quite simple. Instead of swiping right to add a message, swipe left and don't add any message at all. By doing so, you'll have an empty Locket without any caption. It's that easy!

However, there is one caveat. If you've already posted an image on Locket with a caption, you won't be able to remove that caption after posting it. This means that if you forgot to remove a caption before posting, it will be there permanently.

Therefore, to post a Locket without a caption, make sure to swipe left, add message, and then don't type anything.

In conclusion, removing a caption from Locket is possible – just make sure to do it before posting the image. Remember to swipe left and opt-out of adding a message, and you'll have a caption-less photo in no time.

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