Can you remove a friend from pet in Widgetable?

Recently, a question has been circulating among Widgetable users: "Can you remove a friend from a pet in Widgetable?" This query stems from some confusion around the management of active pets and their association with friends in the app. Let's delve into this topic to provide some clarity.

Typically, when browsing our active pets, there is a visible friend icon for each pet that is associated with a friend. By contrast, pets without an associated friend can be easily inactivated. However, an issue arises when you encounter a pet where you find yourself unable to either inactivate it, leave the co-parenting arrangement, or remove the friend entirely. This limitation has left users puzzled as to how to proceed.

In case you have discovered a solution or workaround to this problem, please make sure to share it in the comments section below. Currently, the best course of action appears to be reaching out to Widgetable's support team through their feedback channels. Additionally, joining their Discord channel might offer a way to get some assistance.

It is worth noting that this feature, or lack thereof, seems to be a deliberate choice by Widgetable. It appears that the app creators have implemented this design to boost user engagement and encourage the continued use of the pets feature. By having active pets associated with friends, users are more likely to keep visiting the app, especially since the pets are prominently displayed on their widgets. However, this implementation may strike some as a somewhat unconventional and even manipulative strategy to keep users engaged.

In conclusion, the inability to remove a friend from a pet in Widgetable has left users searching for answers. While the app does not currently offer a straightforward solution, exploring support channels or joining the app's Discord community might provide some guidance. We hope that Widgetable's development team will address this issue in the future, ensuring a more seamless user experience for their loyal pet owners.

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