here's a beaming app i'm just curious can you request your friend's heartbeat is this a real feature so here in the top left you can see number of steps but you don't see the heartbeat so first if you want to see that your friend has heartbeat in their app your friend needs to have like either apple watch or smartwatch and it should be connected to housekeep sam asu if you want to see a heartbeat in this app you should have smartwatch connected but then how to request a start bit so if you double tap you can ask a mood request a mood but how to request a heartbeat i don't know i don't think this feature is here yet but it would be cool for example maybe you can tap three times and then you it will just show up in the app or uh yeah anyhow as you can see it's not working for me completely with the heartbeat i don't have just some kind of smartwatch device so that's what it is if you have additional insights just leave them in the comments below

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