Can you reserve multiple grants in Worldcoin app?

Can you reserve multiple grants in the WorldCoin app? Yes, you can. In a recent video transcript, it was demonstrated that users have the ability to reserve multiple grants within the app. For instance, the individual in the video reserved two grants: the Genesys grant, worth 25 WorldCoins, and a WorldCoin grant, worth 10 WorldCoins. These grants equate to approximately 45 dollars and 18 dollars respectively.

It's important to note that users can only reserve the next grant within a seven-day period. While reserving multiple grants is possible, it is not permissible to reserve a single grant multiple times. In other words, once a grant has been reserved, it cannot be reserved again. This is a limitation imposed by the app.

The WorldCoin app was designed around the concept of personhood. To withdraw the funds associated with a grant, users must verify their identity through Orb. This verification process utilizes an individual's unique biometrics, ensuring that only the intended recipient can claim the grant. It prevents users from creating multiple accounts in order to claim grants multiple times. If someone were to attempt this, they would only be able to reserve the grant multiple times, but they would not be able to redeem or claim it. Thus, such action serves no purpose.

To clarify further, it is possible to reserve multiple grants using different email addresses. However, attempting to redeem or claim those grants will be futile. The system ensures that the grant can only be claimed once, regardless of the number of reservations made.

In conclusion, the WorldCoin app allows users to reserve multiple grants, but it prohibits the duplication of reservations for a single grant. This limitation is part of the app's design, ensuring that grants are properly distributed and providing a fair and efficient process for grant claimants.

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