Can you restore deleted account in Locket widget app?

can you restore deleted locket widget account so if you tap in top left and then uh yeah you tap here you can just delete your account um so uh yeah we'll search you go help us understand why you delete your account then you can just select some em like some reason why you delete in your account and then yeah your account will be deleted but just be careful I couldn't find information whether what happens if you actually delete your account like uh yeah because you can delete it and then if you log back in during 15 days for example as it works on be real then you can still restore it here if you delete it that's just delete it and that's it um maybe that's the case uh but yeah just be careful of course if you can sign out you can sign back in but if you delete your account some apps allow you to restore it if you just log back in some other apps you permanently delete your account and then I don't know what happens like if you lose all your friends all your previous lockets all your history so just be careful

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